Why Ride Services Are Not The Problem

There’s a saying about road congestion — you are not sitting in traffic, you are the traffic. And it’s particularly apt today as cities point fingers about the source of our traffic woes. Many cities have decided that ride services like Uber and Lyft are the problem, and that autonomous…

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Season 6 of the Smarter Cars podcast will launch on January 4th — and we’ll be talking about the current state of micromobility in Europe.

In case you missed any of our Season 5 episodes, here’s a recap with links to the episodes:

Jody Kelman
Director of Product Management, Lyft’s Self-Driving Platform

We discuss Lyft’s two-pronged approach to autonomous…

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Rethinking How We Get Around Cities

I’m pleased to share my new book, available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. The New Mobility Handbook is an introduction to the urbanist policies and new mobility solutions we need to reduce our dependence on cars and encourage multimodal transport.

The New Mobility Handbook builds on my work…

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Mid-Season Recap of Interviews

We’re midway through Season 5 of the podcast. In case you missed any episodes, here’s a quick peek at the interviews so far:

Jody Kelman
Director of Product Management, Lyft’s Self-Driving Platform

We discuss Lyft’s two-pronged approach to autonomous vehicles. Lyft has partnerships with Aptiv in Las Vegas and Waymo in Arizona, where partner vehicles are made available with…

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Your Personality Type Matters

Michael Pollan says to “eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” Seems like a good idea. Pollan has 64 rules which are helpful. Other folks have come up with a variety of more specific plans — slow carb, keto, whole 30, LCHF, Ornish. …

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And Make Shared Scooters A Sustainable Business

Even before the coronavirus pandemic confined us to our homes and reduced travel to essential workers and trips, our transportation system was broken. Too much car traffic, no one riding the bus, plenty of pollution, and road accidents. …

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It’s No Riskier Than Your Grocery Cart

When the stay at home orders are lifted and we get back to work, will we interact with the world differently? How will we use various transportation modes? Some have suggested that shared micromobility, buses and other shared modes (like carshare and rideshare) will be shunned due to fear of…

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It feels like a year has passed in the time of the pandemic. But it was just late February when I wrote about the City of Los Angeles using its Mobility Data Specification (MDS) tool for real time tracking of scooter riders. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) requires…

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In the City of Angels, the Devil’s in the Data

Here in California we are early adopters of new technology — and guinea pigs for new ideas. We don’t blink an eye when an autonomous vehicle or one wheeled-scooter-thingy rolls down the street. And most of the time we’re okay with technology companies gathering our data so we can have…

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In this episode of the Smarter Cars podcast, we interview Sam Baker, co-founder and COO of Wunder Mobility. Wunder Mobility provides technology to help companies launch and scale shared mobility services worldwide. We discuss Wunder Mobility’s business in Europe, its expansion to the US, the role of cities in encouraging…

Michele Kyrouz

writer | lawyer | host of Smarter Cars podcast | author of The New Mobility Handbook — Rethinking How We Get Around Cities

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